Nina O’Connor

Art practice in quarantine.
A  global pandemic, ‘lockdown’, invokes a compulsion to be outside, connecting with the elements, engaging the senses, feeling the warmth of the sun, the gust of the wind, fall of rain and the smell of damp earth.

Pruning, harvesting and gathering materials from the immediate surroundings has a welcome grounding effect.

There’s a pressing need for solitude.

A shed of one’s own.

Within, a quiet creativity. Slow, rhythmic, mindful, immersive. A deep and sensory connection to materials, their qualities revealed in the making.

Outside, birds foraging, singing, coo-ing, chatting; blue tit, coal tit, great tit, long-tailed tit, goldfinch, greenfinch, chaffinch, bull finch, nuthatch, dunnock, thrush, blackbird, wren, magpie, crow, pigeon, jay, robin, woodpecker.

West Dean College
West Dean, Chichester, West Sussex
United Kingdom  PO18 0QZ